Coaching Services


Online Coaching

With our 1 to 1 online coaching packages, your first step will be a comprehensive movement screen and 'all about you' discussion. This will give us the information to be able to understand you, your goals, your motivations and how you move. From there we will produce a bespoke run program, carefully coupled with dedicated strength sessions designed to help you achieve your goals. All workouts are available through our app
making them convenient to access and follow. The app also records your progress and provides automatic updates for your coach to assess. 
Throughout the programme you will receive weekly check-ins from your fully qualified coach. We also offer a direct messaging service within the dedicated training app enabling you fast and easy access to our expertise and advice.


Online Running Club

Join our Intrepid Runners Club and you'll get a program of 4 varied run sessions per week delivered through our dedicated fitness app. Programs cater for all abilities and include 5km, 10km, half marathon, marathon and ultra marathon distances. 

Each session will be carefully constructed based on your current ability and will provide you with target paces and distances to meet each time. 
The Club also gives you direct access to a fully qualified run coach for all your training and support needs.
Whatever your running goals may be, we will take the guess work out of your training. 


Online Strength for Runners

Our online Strength for Runners program provides you with 2 high quality strength sessions designed to compliment your running training. The aim of these sessions is to help reduce the risk of injuries associated with running, enabling you to continue to train to your true potential and achieve your goals.

Each sessions is delivered to you through our dedicated app, with full program cards and detailed demonstration videos. We also provide direct access to a fully qualified strength and conditioning coach to support you throughout your training. 


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